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"Marooned" was made in Unity for a final project where I worked together with two other developers in my class to build a game within two weeks. I worked as the level designer and 3D environmental artists. 


  1. Producer

  2. Level Designer

  3. 3D Artist

Marooned is a 3D puzzle game developed for the PC in a team as a part of my Game Design 2 class final. The player plays a lonely astronaut in space who is just trying to complete the usual daily tasks until strange things start happening around them in the space ship. While picking up items and finding key cards the player's goal is to escape and get the ship back up and running.

For this project my role was the 3D modeler and level designer. For this I researched for assets as well as created my own assets for the games environment and mechanics. Once everything was created and picked out I designed the layout for the map and how each level would be played out. If anything was ever missing while putting together the level I would quickly hop into Blender and make a design.

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