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one bot's trash

This game was made in GameMaker Studio 2 for Austin's Global Game Jam. I did the 2D background art, as well as some of the animations for this game.


  1. Artist

One Bot's Trash is a 2D side scroller adventure game developed for the PC as a team submission for the 2021 Austin Global Game. The player is represented by a small robot searching for spare parts in a local junkyard while fighting off enemy robots who have taken control of the area. Through picking up items along the way you are able to travel through the map to find a way out of the desolate wasteland.

Lead artist of a team for Austin Global Game Jam 2021. Through this project I produced 2D pixel art to create the backgrounds and objects in the game. I also animated the background for the title screen and created the UI in the controls section. The art was all created in GameMaker Studio 2 as I didn't have any other program at the time to use to make pixel art. With the small amount of time given I had to assign other team members to do small character items while also making items last minute that the level designer need to complete the vision of the game.

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