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separated by time

Made in GameMaker Studio 2, this was created in 2022 for Global Game Jam in Austin, TX. For this game, I was the producer of the project.


  1. Producer

Separated By Time is a 2D heavily narrative-based puzzle game developed for PC as team submission for the 2022 Austin Global Game Jam. The player is guided by your great-grandson to solve puzzles across space and time. The game allows you to switch between the future and the past to fix obstacles that you run into that can be fixed in certain eras to help the player throughout each level and save the world from utter destruction.


What went right:

  • A discord server was set up immediately at the project’s beginning to start a form of communication within the team.

  • Collaborated and understood the vison for the game.

  • Team got along and enjoyed the experience as well as each others company.

  • Art team worked cohesively to create original characters and planned efficiently.

What went wrong:

  • Communication was not held up between each department through the development.

  • Programming team was not directed in the best way as to make sure all main mechanics were achieved and working compared to the rest of the game.

  • The scope started to crumble towards the end of the project and things had to be cut.

  • Time was not efficiently planned.

What I learned:

  • Constant communication between departments.

  • Tweaking the game to the last possible hindered the team from producing a well edited trailer to represent the game. 

  • Plan out the exact art assets in advance as well as know what art assets can be achieved.

  • Being conscious of other team members capabilities.

  • Keeping each teams tasks in check as to not get distracted.

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