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the purr-fect crime

"The Purr-fect Crime" was a game made in Bitsy as one of the first games I ever made. The game was made in less than a few days and was written with multiple endings that the player an choose from. I made all the art pixel art in Bitsy which only allows two colors per level as well as the writing for the story.


  1. Design

  2. Art

  3. Writing

The Purr-fect Crime is one of the first games that I made in my first Game Design course during COVID-19 for an assignment. The game is a 2D pixel art game made in Bitsy where the player is going for a stroll in the park when they get waved down by  a stranger wondering if they can help him with the simple favor of finding his cat that he lost. While searching for the lost animal the player will start seeing a pattern that they must solve. 

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